Terms and Conditions

Swim2Swim Ltd Pool rules, terms and conditions

Pool rules
Please remove shoes and socks prior to entering the changing rooms.
Please do not take prams or pushchairs into the changing areas.
Do not enter the pool hall until a Swim2Swim team member is present and has invited swimmers on to pool side.
Apart from water in plastic bottles, no other food or drink is permitted within any of the pool buildings.
All children should be encouraged to shower and go to the toilet prior to entering the pool.
All nappies and aqua nappies must be taken home and not left at the pool, put down the toilet or in the sanitary bins
Swimming hats are not compulsory however hair should be tied up
Ensure children are wearing well fitted one-piece costumes; no bikinis
No running is allowed throughout the building, pool side or car park.
Parents are required to stay on site during lessons; children cannot be left unaccompanied.
Parents to spectate in the viewing room, not poolside, as this can become a distraction.
No smoking, vaping or e-cigarettes permitted
About our lessons
Each lesson is 30 minutes, each term is 10 weeks, there are 5 terms per year. Term dates are on the website.
We aim to maintain a ratio of 4:1, a maximum of 8 children in a class. Swim2Swim reserve the right to increase this number on occasions; this is the exception and not the norm.
Due to the nature of adult and child classes, as in 1:1 supervision, we have a maximum of 12 adults in a class.
Teachers are water based as required, at times it is advantageous to teach from poolside or a combination of both.
Swim2Swim aim to provide continuity by providing the same swimming teacher/s, however Swim2Swim reserves the right to change teachers at short notice if required.
Changing rooms
To comply with safeguarding, please adhere to this: https://swim2swim.com/about-us/changing-room-policy  
Pool Hall
Do not enter the pool hall unless a Swim2Swim team member is present and has invited swimmers on to pool side.
Swim2Swim are responsible for your children and their safety during their lesson, you are responsible for them before and after the lessons; this includes on poolside, throughout the building and in the car park.
Viewing room
We acknowledge viewing rooms can be busy, to make the spectating experience as comfortable as possible we ask for the sound on electronic devices to be on silence or headphones to be used. Please supervise your children, be respectful to others and free up chairs if possible.
Payment and refund policy
Payment is required by the due date; no refunds will be given. Spaces are not secure until payment has been received.
Credits or refunds are not provided for holidays or childhood illnesses e.g. chicken pox, coughs and colds. In exceptional circumstances a credit (for the following term) will be considered for significant, one off medical reasons e.g. broken limbs, operations etc. Any requests must be made in writing in advance of the absence. Refunds or credits will not be provided for periods of self-isolation due to covid-19.
Missed lessons
Payment is made for the full term and no refunds or credits are given for any missed weeks.
During normal circumstances if you are going to miss a lesson and notify us in advance, a catch-up lesson maybe offered at a different time; this is strictly subject to available spaces and not guaranteed. In any event each swimmer is limited to 1 catch up lessons every 6 months, January – December. Requests for catch up lessons need to be made in advance of the known absence by phone and need to be taken within 2 weeks of the absence.
Code of conduct
Any threatening or aggressive behaviour towards a Swim2Swim team member or any other individual on any of our sites, by phone or any other means, will not be tolerated. Anyone not adhering to this will be asked to leave and not return; no refunds or credits will be given in these circumstances.
You Fit Health Club is a public pool and there is a STRICT no photo policy. This must be adhered to.
Britannia Pool and Primrose Pool are private pools and Swim2Swim acknowledge that you may want to take an occasional photo or video of your child during their swimming lesson, for your family photo collection.
If you take a photo of your child, it must be of your child only. If there is any chance that other children will be in the photo please ask for their parents’ consent, as for many reasons they may not want this. If in doubt, do not take the photo.
Please respect all decisions
We strongly advise against the publication of such photos on the internet and/or social media.
Strictly NO use of camera’s, including any device with a camera, is permitted by poolside or in the changing rooms.
Pool closures and cancellations
Lessons are only cancelled in exceptional circumstances and you will be notified by email and/or text message.
If a lesson or pool is closed or cancelled for a reason within our control e.g. plant room failure, heating or chemical malfunction a catch-up lesson or credit will be provided.
For cancellations beyond our control e.g. power cuts, adverse weather conditions, disasters, terrorism, war and pandemics or any another act of god, no refunds or credits will be provided.
Medical information
Parents must provide details about any medical issues, including if children have an educational plan at school; this will enable the Swim2Swim team to best support your children. Where there is a medical condition, you must seek advice from a medical professional to ensure swimming is advisable.
For health and safety reasons, please do not bring your child into the pool for 48 hours after suffering from vomiting and/or diarrhoea
Safety is of paramount importance and Swim2Swim reserve the right to ask anyone to leave the lesson, poolside or Swim School at any time if they feel that the behaviour is unreasonable or unsafe; no refunds will be issued in these circumstances.
Award scheme
Swim2Swim use the Swim England award scheme; there is a small surcharge for the badge and certificate.
Swim2Swim does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to persons or property, including property left on site or personal injury or fatality at the pool, within the premises or in the car park.
Swim2Swim reserve the right to change any of the above terms and conditions, without prior notice.