About Us

Richard Sullivan established Swim2Swim to promote the importance of learning to swim and water confidence as a life skill, which enables people not only to enjoy and participate in physical activities such as swimming, water sports and other outdoor adventurous activities, but more importantly, to save their own lives. 

Richard enjoyed swimming from an early age. His swimming skills and ability continued to develop through his youth and into adulthood, competing at a high level both in swimming and water polo. Now, his wife Karen joins him in bringing their collective passion to local residents in Colchester and the wider north Essex area.

Learn to swim in a safe, supportive environment

At Swim2Swim, we believe that learning to swim needs to be both enjoyable and fun. This is achieved by creating a safe and supportive environment. Through guided learning, positive feedback and constant encouragement – values that are embodied by everyone in our business – we increase our customers’ desire to learn to swim.

We also believe in the many benefits of exposing babies to water early. When your babies and toddlers join us for swimming lessons, their time in the pool will be all about building their water confidence and exploring and learning together in a safe supportive pool environment through play and fun activities. Once your little ones start school, we can continue to support their learning in our after school and weekend classes.

There is plenty of on-site parking, baby changing facilities, under floor heating in the changing rooms and of course the pools are lovely and warm too. We are happy to answer any questions, feel free to get in touch.

We find that continuity really helps, so we run our swimming lessons for 50 weeks of the year. Each term is 12 or 13 weeks long and lessons continue through the school and bank holidays. We have a 2 week break over Christmas. 

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